Do you want to make a DIFFERENCE?! You CAN!

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25 cents will feed 1 child
$1.50 feeds a family of 6!
Packaging these nutritional
meals is a great way to
show you care and
Kids Against Hunger
makes it easy and fun!



Step 1: We recommend at least 10 people for a group because it takes that many people to staff a packing line. 

 We can run four lines at one time which means 40 people would be our limit. Youth groups should bring along several adults to help things flow smoothly(2 adults per 10 youth). Including some strong folks to help us lift the 50lb bags of ingredients!


Step 2:  Check our SCHEDULE under the HOW TO HELP tab to see a  listing of packs already scheduled: the dates not written on the schedule are still available.

  We are open for packs on Tuesday & Wednesday nights at 6:30pm, and on Saturday mornings,  if needed on Sunday afternoons.  The average packing session lasts about 1&1/2 hrs- including instructions and clean up.

When you've found an open date, contact us by email (click here) or

go to the HOW TO HELP & REQUEST A PACK tab to fill out a packing form

- We need to know:

    • Group Name (church, organization, company, family, etc.)
    • Group contact person including email or phone
    • Date of pack and preferred time
    • Group size

Step 3:Raise funds!  Unfortunately, we must rely completely on your donations to purchase all of the ingredients and supplies and to pay for shipping.  So your funds are critical. 

 The average person will pack about 216 MEALS in just one hour, to cover this amount we request$20- $25 from eachperson who comes to pack Occasionally, we do have the funds to help out some YOUTH groups, so please ask me about this when you email.


There are many ways to raise these funds, everything from a bake sale to asking 10 friends for $10! Remind people that a single quarter can feed a starving child.

Here are a couple of PDF files that may help you (Fund-Raising #1, Fund-Raising #2). We want each group to do the best they can to fund the meals they pack so please help as much as you can!


KAH Food Package

food-bag-1Our revolutionary food package has been developed by some of the world's leading food scientists at Cargill, Pillsbury, General Mills and ADM. This one package provides six nutritionally-complete servings for only 25 cents per serving.

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